The Orchard

The Orchard

In order to retain the high quality of our olive oil, we work very hard throughout the year to optimize the olive orchard.

In March, we start with a light pruning, followed by applying fertilizers, consisting mainly of compost or chicken manure, supplied by an organic chicken breeder.

Once the sun begins to warm the Vaucluse landscape, we regularly check the humidity of the soil to keep it sufficiently fresh because, opposed to what some might think, the olive tree needs water from time to time.

To combat parasites during the summer we use a classic "bouillie bordelaise" for the peacock eye disease and we spray white lime on the trees for the olive fly. Both treatments solely consist of natural ingredients.

At the beginning of November, the picking starts using nets and electric combs. After the picked olives have passed through a leaf separator, they are transported to the olive mill where they are pressed.

Finally, we bottle our olive oil in December.